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Adjust and Voice a Set of Handbells or MelodyChimes

This is a service that can be done directly through Ringmaster Services for you without needing to involve Schulmerich and the ARC program.

This can often be done “while you wait.” You can bring your bells in for a going over, and hang out with us while we do the work. We can talk, and we can show you what we are doing, so maybe next time you would be inclined to do this job yourself. Others prefer to drop the bells off, go shopping or out for lunch, and come back in a few hours to pick them up. Now that I’m located in Virginia instead of Allentown, PA, I guess a lot of my former customers won’t be coming by with their bells for this service!

For an A&V we do the following:

  • Align components & tighten cap screws.
  • Clean the springs.
  • Lubricate the bearings.
  • Adjust the springs for proper ringing action.
  • Set the clappers for proper voicing.
  • If we find anything broken or needing more service, with your permission, we will fix / replace it.
Ringmaster Services charges an hourly rate plus parts for A&V service. Normally, it takes about 45 minutes per octave, and few or no parts are needed. The work for chimes is similar to the above, but not as involved.

The A&V approach works well if your bells are in nice shape, but you want to get them operating at their best. This service is best for bells that are not more than a few years old, or that have been reconditioned within the last few years, and have not been neglected or used real hard. They should be clean, and their mechanical components should be in good shape. Some customers like to have their bells adjusted and voiced a few rehearsals in advance of going to an adjudicated competition or a festival or concert.


Business Changes

After 32 years in Allentown, PA, Al has moved. And after 22 years as your Schulmerich rep, his position has changed to that of "ARC" an Authorized Refurbishment Center. Al is no longer a Schulmerich rep, but he is still in business with Schulmerich. Click here to get his updated contact information and business status.

Westlake Ringers
It had to happen! We started a community handbell choir that rehearses in our Ringmaster Services office. Randi is directing and Al is again the “dumb old bass ringer.” Click here to view our website. All seven of us who work on handbells at Ringmaster Services also ring in Westlake Ringers.
The Jubilation Ringers

If you are looking for information on the Jubilation Ringers, we are no longer hosting a page about them as they have their own site. Visit http://jubilationringers.asburylv.org to get the latest updates.