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Welcome to Ringmaster Services. What a change working out of a 1500 square foot office instead of from our home.

Uh Oh! Here comes Fed Ex with a pile of work to do.

After we unbox the shipment, then we tag the cases, open each set and log it in, and do an inspection and tuning check.

Then the bells are disassembled and their components go to various work stations.

Sometimes it feels like we don't have enough room!

Here's Rebecca working on some cases. She vacuums the inside, washes and treats the outside. As necessary and if possible, we repair dings and broken hardware, too.

Tom goes through and separates the components.  The handles, handguards, and clappers, are inspected before cleaning them.  The yoke assemblies are set aside to be rebuilt.

We don't think Randi's doing the lunch dishes, so she's probably cleaning some handles and handguards. 

Tom is working on rebuilding a yoke assembly.

It's a time consuming and intricate job.
Here's a set of yoke assemblies that were cleaned up, had their bearings adjusted, and are now ready for new springs.

After installing the springs and nuts, bumpers & washers, Ade is installing new clappers.

Here's Rebecca, who along with Randi, Helene, and Nancy, all take turns at the spinner, polishing castings. We refer to them as "the spinsters" when they gang up on the guys!

The spinning does a beautiful job. It's more thorough than hand polishing, but just as gentle.

Sure makes a difference!

When the castings and other components are finished, then we lay them out in chromatic order in preparation for reassembling the bells.

Ade is putting together a set of bells, and "rough adjusting" them.

After the cases are completed and the bells assembled and rough adjusted, then they're laid out on the tables for Al to adjust and voice.

One of the many "final steps", checking the alignment of the handle, handguard, and clapper assembly with the strike point.

There are more than a dozen steps in the adjusting and voicing process.

After the bells are adjusted and voiced, they're polished and wiped down yet again, then bagged and put into their cases. Then "the shipping dept." (Scott) packs them up in their cartons for the return trip to the customer.
Here's Pete, our trusty Fed Ex man, back to load his truck with completed bells to return to our customers

What do people who work on handbells do when they’re not working on handbells? All seven of us perform with Westlake Ringers! 

And, if we finish our work before dark, we dash home for a swim before dinner, or a boat ride if it's too cold to swim!
And, if we're real lucky, we have stripers for dinner sometimes.
From our home to yours, we appreciate your business and your goodwill and your friendship. (The artist, Nancy, is one of our "spinsters" and her husband is Tom, the "yoke meister.")


Business Changes

After 32 years in Allentown, PA, Al has moved. And after 22 years as your Schulmerich rep, his position has changed to that of "ARC" an Authorized Refurbishment Center. Al is no longer a Schulmerich rep, but he is still in business with Schulmerich. Click here to get his updated contact information and business status.

Westlake Ringers
It had to happen! We started a community handbell choir that rehearses in our Ringmaster Services office. Randi is directing and Al is again the “dumb old bass ringer.” Click here to view our website. All seven of us who work on handbells at Ringmaster Services also ring in Westlake Ringers.
The Jubilation Ringers

If you are looking for information on the Jubilation Ringers, we are no longer hosting a page about them as they have their own site. Visit http://jubilationringers.asburylv.org to get the latest updates.