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Adjusting Small Treble Bells (C#7 - C8)

(Treble 4th & 5th Octaves)

The little bells can be tricky to adjust.

If you can easily get the nut driver over the stop nut, then adjust the bell as normal.

But, maybe you can't easily get the nut driver over the nut. If you force the driver onto the nut, beware that you don't push down too far, or the tool will push the bumper and washer down the stud further onto the spring.  Then, even if you turn the nut, it won't change the adjustment, because the bumper and washer are too far down and are pushing on the spring by themselves. Also, to force the nut driver onto the nut, it may wind up bending the stud away from the casting toward the center of the bell. This can affect the clearance of the clapper shaft as it swings back and forth. The shaft may bump into the stop nut before the clapper comes in contact with the casting. If this happens, you need to take a screw driver, and using the clapper as a fulcrum, bend the stud with the nut / bumper / washer back out toward the casting. Problem is, when you bend it back  out, it changes the effect of the adjustment you just made!

I suggest that when you try to adjust the stop nuts on these little bells, especially G#7 to C8, instead of using a nut driver, use a pair of needle nose pliers. You can reach in with them and tighten or loosen the nut by gripping and turning it with the pliers. Yes, you can only move it a fraction of a turn at a time with the pliers,  but that's all it takes to tweak an adjustment. And with the pliers, there's no danger of pushing down the bumper and washer or having to bend the stud to get enough clearance to get the nut driver over the nut.


Business Changes

After 32 years in Allentown, PA, Al has moved. And after 22 years as your Schulmerich rep, his position has changed to that of "ARC" an Authorized Refurbishment Center. Al is no longer a Schulmerich rep, but he is still in business with Schulmerich. Click here to get his updated contact information and business status.

Westlake Ringers
It had to happen! We started a community handbell choir that rehearses in our Ringmaster Services office. Randi is directing and Al is again the “dumb old bass ringer.” Click here to view our website. All seven of us who work on handbells at Ringmaster Services also ring in Westlake Ringers.
The Jubilation Ringers

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